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The city of Nanjing, the Hornets' second stop in their three-city tour of China, has a long and storied history as one of the country's four great capital cities of the ancient empires.

A tragic part of that history was on full display for the team as they made a visit to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum. The museum memorialized the killings of 300,000 residents during the city's takeover by Japanese military in 1937 and the ensuing war.

The sobering visit was just the first part in the day's full agenda. In the team's third match in as many days, the Hornets showed improved play from their starters but fell to Nanjing University in five sets, 13-25, 25-22, 26-24, 20-25, 15-13.

Shannon Boyle (21), Mikaela Nocetti (19) and Brie Gathright (12) all posted double figures in kills. Gathright also had a team-best .522 hitting percentage and four blocks for a Sacramento State squad that finished with 67 kills, 12 aces and 12 blocks.

Of those 12 aces, the Hornets received three apiece from Boyle and Brigitte Murdock. Lana Brown finished with four blocks and a .375 hitting percentage, and Nocetti had a .261 hitting percentage to go along with her 19 kills.

After playing matches in three consecutive days, Sacramento State will not play again until June 8 when it takes on Beijing Sports University and June 9 against Beihang University. The Hornets will spend one more day in Nanjing before taking a train to Beijing on June 6, their final stop in an 11-day tour of China. The Hornets, who began the trip in Shanghai on May 31, will spend the final five days in Beijing.


Senior Morgan Stanley

Wow! What an amazing second day in the wonderful city of Nanjing! After getting to sleep in (much needed), we all got to eat breakfast with a view overlooking the city on the 56th floor of our hotel. We quickly loaded up the bus and headed over to visit the Nanjing Massacre Museum and saw how the horrible incident transpired, involving 300,000 victims. The museum was unreal and fascinating to learn about the invasion of the Japanese troops in 1937. For those of you who don't know, the Japanese troops carried on a six-week rampage, murdering and raping the Chinese civilians and disarmed soldiers in the capital city of the Republic of China. Our team actually found it so interesting that Chris, our tour guide, was rushing us because he was worried about feeding us and getting us to our match on time.

After two hours, we finally made it through the whole museum, however we also were not fed lunch before our game. You get to pick and choose your battles, right? We quickly rushed back to the hotel, grabbed our bags, a few snacks and headed to Nanjing University. There weren't many fans in attendance, but it felt like we made the gym our home. The game was very exciting and intense, and although we started off the match very strong, winning the first set 25-13, they bounced back taking it to five sets before winning in the fifth, 15-13.

Post match, we went to dinner where we were welcomed by Chinese music and a slideshow with our team photos on it. After we were all finished with our meal, they thanked us for being there by performing a choreographed dance on stage. Our team got super into it and started trying to learn the dance with them at our seats. It gets better though... after they left the stage, they gave us the stage, so of course we didn't hesitate! Ruben tried to persuade people by telling them if they wanted to start the next match, they had to get up on stage. Lana and Julia were first up and danced and sang "Bet On It" from the High School Musical 2 movie scene. It was a really cool experience and something that I will never forget... however it's my turn to get on stage...

Sophomore Mikaela Nocetti

The morning started off with a late breakfast after a long first day in Nanjing. The restaurant in the hotel had an incredible view of the city and even more incredible food. There was even a hive to get honey from to put on our toast and other breakfast foods! Next, we were headed to the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum. The first part of the museum was all about the Rape of Nanking, a 6-week massacre of the capitol of China. Most of us did not even know about this piece of history that occurred right before the start of World War II.

One of the highlights of the museum was the statue of peace that was outside the first exhibit. It showed that even after all the hate and war, peace is possible. Overall, it was a beautiful memorial and something I will never forget. We left the museum, made a quick stop at the hotel, and then we were off to play our next match against Nanjing University!
Even though we lost in five sets, it was a much better game than yesterday. The whole team had great energy and we fought hard. The final stop of the day was dinner. The energy of the game continued into our meal and we had a lot of fun. The laughs started when (assistant coach) Aven had a little mishap with her shrimp and sprayed Greg Grant and Hannah in the eyes. Then Courtney lost a game of 'what are the odds' and had to eat eel.

After we finished eating, we were treated to a little karaoke performance of "Bet on it" from the High School Musical by Lana and Julia. Lana even got a little girl to go up on stage and sing a few songs with her and it was the cutest thing ever. The night ended with one final karaoke song, and then we went back to the hotel to go to sleep after an awesome day in Nanjing!!

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