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SAN JOSE, Calif. – In another close match Sacramento State won doubles and a pair of singles matches but No. 68 San Jose State won three-set singles matches at No. 3 and 4 to claim a 4-3 victory, the second 4-3 loss for the Hornets in as many matches this season.

As they did in their season opener on Saturday, the Hornets were able to claim the doubles point against the Spartans. San Jose State took the No. 1 match 6-3, but Sacramento State duos Olivia Boija and Sophie Lohscheidt at No. 2 and Katharina Knoebl and Alina Soltanici at No. 3 each claimed 6-4 victories to give the Hornets the first point of the match.

Sophomore Jennifer Nguyen led Sacramento State in singles, scoring a 6-3, 6-4 win over SJSU senior Sabstiani Leon Chao at No. 1. The Hornets also got a victory at No. 6, where Boija improved to 2-0 this season with a 6-4, 6-1 triumph over Tipper Truong.

The Spartans tallied straight-set wins at No. 2 and 5, but the Hornets held a 3-2 lead with two singles matches yet to finish. At No. 3, Soltanici was narrowly outlasted by Gaelle Rey 7-6 (4), 5-7, 10-8 as San Jose State pulled even, then Julianna Bacelar just got by Savchenko by a 7-6 (2), 2-6, 11-9 margin at No. 4 to claim the match for the Spartans.

The Hornets will return home and host Fresno State on Saturday, Feb. 1, at 1 p.m. at Rio Del Oro Racquet Club.

San Jose State 4, Sacramento State 3


1. Marie Klocker/Sabastiani Leon Chao (SJSU) def. Daria Savechenko/Deimante Bulatovaite (SAC), 6-3.

2. Sophie Lohscheidt/ Olivia Boija (SAC) def. Jessica Willett/ Gaelle Rey (SJSU), 6-4.

3. Katharina Knoebl/Alina Soltanici (SAC) def. Julianna Bacelar/ Jusstine Deleval (SJSU), 6-4.


1. Jennifer Nguyen (SAC) def. Sabastiani Leon Chao (SJSU), 6-3; 6-4.

2, Marie Klocker (SJSU) def. Deimante Bulatovaite (SAC), 6-2; 6-1.

3. Gaelle Rey (SJSU) def. Alina Soltanici (SAC), 7-6(4); 5-7; 10-8.

4. Julianna Bacelar (SJSU) def. Daria Savechenko (SAC), 7-6 (2); 2-6; 11-9.

5. Jessica Willett (SJSU) def. Sophie Lohscheidt (SAC), 6-1; 6-3.

6. Olivia Boija (SAC) def. Tipper Truong (SJSU), 6-4;6-1

Match Notes
No. 68 San Jose State (2-1)
Sacramento State (0-2)

Order of Finish
Doubles (1,2,3); Singles (5,2,6,1,3,4)

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