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BERKELEY, Calif. — Jennifer Nguyen and Rebeca Delgado combined to knock off the No. 3 seed in doubles play as the Sacramento State women's tennis team competed at the Cal Nike Tournament over the weekend.

The Hornets, who have three more fall tournaments before opening up their spring season dual match season at Arizona on Feb. 1, sent nine players to the tournament at Cal, which was divided into three levels - Gold, Blue and White.

In the gold doubles semifinals, Nguyen and Delgado knocked off No. 3 seeded Natallia Pintusava and Yuliana Umanets of Minnesota.

In singles play, Katharina Knoebl, Sophie Lohscheidt and Siobhan Ryan-Bovey each went 1-2.

Up next for the Hornets is a trip to the SMC Invitational on Oct. 5 in Moraga, Calif.

SAC Saskia Angerer & Siobhan Ryan-Bovey def. FS Anne Susdorf & NEV Rymma Maslova, 8-2
SAC Saskia Angerer & Siobhan Ryan-Bovey def. SMC Ashlyn Schmitgen & Melissa Arthur, 8-4
USF Blair Reed & Melinda Akerbrandt def. SAC Saskia Angerer & Siobhan Ryan-Bovey, 8-4
FS Melissa McQueen & Olga Kirpicheva def. SAC Katharina Knoebl & Sophie Lohscheidt, 9-8(5
MINN Natallia Pintusava & Yuliana Umanets def. SAC Jennifer Nguyen & Katharina Knoebl, 8-1
SAC Jennifer Nguyen & Rebeca Delgado def. MINN Natallia Pintusava [3] & Yuliana Umanets[3], 9-7
SJSU Julianna Bacelar & Sabi Leon-Chao d. SAC Jennifer Nguyen & Rebeca Delgado, 5-4  Ret. (inj)
SAC Andrea Gomez Carus & Olivia Boija def. USF Sofia Holmberg & Yurie Hashiguchi, 8-6
MN Doron Muravnik & Tereza Brichacova def. SAC Andrea Gomez Carus & Olivia Boija, 8-2
CAL Cessi Estlander [4] & Kelly Chui [4] d. SAC Andrea Gomez Carus & Olivia Boija, 8-2

CAL Annie Goransson[5] def. SAC Sophie Lohscheidt, 6-2;6-1
SAC Sophie Lohscheidt def. NEV Sophie Stevens, 6-4;6-3
BYU Desiree Tran def. SAC Sophie Lohscheidt, 2-6;6-4;1-0(8)

SJSU Sabi Leon-Chao def. SAC Katharina Knoebl, 6-1;6-1
SAC Katharina Knoebl def. FS Anne Susdorf, 7-5;7-6(3)
PAC Chrstiana Ferrari def. SAC Katharina Knoebl, 3-6;4-3 Ret (inj)

DAV Ellie Edles d. SAC Andrea Gomez Carus, 3-6;6-3;6-3

DAV Megan Heneghan def. SAC Olivia Boija, 6-0;6-2
MINN Doron Muravnik def. SAC Olivia Boija, 6-1;6-4

DAV Nicole Koehly def. SAC Saskia Angerer, 6-4;6-3
PAC Gergana Boncheva def. SAC Saskia Angerer, 7-5;2-6;1-0(2)

SAC Jennifer Nguyen def. Yurie Hashiguchi, 6-1;6-4
SM Hanah Liljekvist def. SAC Jennifer Nguyen, 7-5;2-6;1-0(4)

SJSU Sabi Leon-Chao def. SAC Siobhan Ryan-Bovey, 6-1;6-2
SAC Siobhan Ryan-Bovey def. PAC Regina Suarez, 6-4;7-5
SC Charlotte Newell def. SAC SiobhanRyanBovey  6-3;6-4

SMC Audrey Leitz def. SAC Chyna Brown, 6-0;6-2
SC Charlotte Newell def. SAC Chyna Brown, Def (ns)

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