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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The No. 63 ranked Sacramento State women's tennis team lost to rival UC Davis for the first time since the 2000 season, 4-3, on Friday afternoon at the Rio Del Oro RC.

The Hornets (1-4, 1-0 Big Sky) lost to an unranked opponent for the first time this season after meeting Arizona, Texas Tech and Washington State to open up the 2013 campaign.

Sacramento State won the doubles points behind Rebeca Delgado and Sophie Lohscheidt at No. 1 and Katharina Knoebl and Jennifer Nguyen at No. 2.

But the Aggies rallied in singles play, taking four of the six matches to pull off the upset. Knoebl and Nguyen won convincingly at No. 3 and No. 4 singles, respectively, but UC Davis pulled off a big three-set win at No. 5 with the match in the balance.

UC Davis 4, #63 Sacramento State 3
(Rio Del Oro Racquet Club)

Singles competition
1. Megan Heneghan (UCD) def. DELGADO, Rebeca (SACW) 6-4, 6-2
2. Layla Sanders (UCD) def. LOHSCHEIDT, Sophie (SACW) 6-1, 6-0
3. KNOEBL, Katharina (SACW) def. Lauren Curry (UCD) 7-5, 6-3
4. NGUYEN, Jennifer (SACW) def. Ellie Edles (UCD) 6-1, 6-0
5. Melissa Kobayakawa (UCD) def. BOIJA, Olivia (SACW) 6-4, 2-6, 6-3
6. Nicole Koehly (UCD) def. ANGERER, Saskia (SACW) 6-2, 6-4

Doubles competition
1. DELGADO, Rebeca/LOHSCHEIDT, Sophie (SACW) def. Ellie Edles/Tiffany Pham (UCD) 8-3
2. KNOEBL, Katharina/NGUYEN, Jennifer (SACW) def. Layla Sanders/Nicole Koehly (UCD) 8-2
3. Lauren Curry/Megan Heneghan (UCD) def. BOIJA, Olivia/ANGERER, Saskia (SACW) 8-5

Match Notes:
UC Davis 3-5
Sacramento State 1-4, 1-0 Big Sky; National ranking #63

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