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Sunday was Sacramento State's first full day on the island here in Puerto Rico and they certainly made the most of it. Fully rested after a long overnight trip and a quiet evening yesterday, the team set out to explore the beach and the neighborhood surrounding the hotel. 

With its first practice, the team also had a chance to see more of the island on the 20 minute bus trip to the Colesio Ruben Zayaz Montanez. It was eye-opening to see how quickly the area changed after leaving the proximity of the hotel. 

Today's practice also gave the team a chance to try out the court for this week's tournament. It was a great practice as the team prepares to take on another tough opponent tomorrow when they go up against Miami. 

Below is a player blog from junior Raegen Rohn, looking at her and the team's second day in San Juan. Expect to see more posts as each member of the team will have a chance to share their reactions, thoughts, and observations while here in Puerto Rico. 

Day 2 Player Blog - Dec. 17

Today was technically our second day in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but it felt like a great start to our trip! Yesterday we spent most of the day relaxing and resting up after our long night of travel, but today we had a busy and great day.

We started with breakfast in the hotel, a nice buffet style breakfast right in the hotel. We hung out there for a bit, but then we decided to pack up and head out to the beach for a few hours. It was pretty quiet, which we've heard isn't normally the case, but the island isn't as busy as usual still because of the hurricane. The beach though was very nice and the water was warm. We just hung out and enjoyed being here for a little while. We walked up and down the beach, Isla Verde beach, and found some beach chairs, too.

A little ways up the beach, Hannah (Hannah Friend) and I found a place that rents jet skis, so we decided we needed to do that. We rode tandem out in the ocean, cruising across the water and flying over waves. It was really fun and also really cool thinking about riding a jet ski out in the Caribbean ocean.  

Later we walked to lunch at Los Gorditos, a local favorite in this area. We had some good chicken and rice and then after a while headed to practice.

The drive to practice was very interesting and different from the area right around our hotel. We saw quite a bit of hurricane damage along the way, a lot of damaged buildings and fallen trees. There were even a bunch of stoplights that didn't work so traffic was somewhat crazy, all the people just trying to go on their own across the streets!

The gym that we practiced at was damaged on the outside, but on the inside it looked great. We had a really good practice and prepared for tomorrow's game against Miami. It was nice to get back on a court and play.

After practice we drove back to the hotel. We walked to a team dinner at a good Mexican food restaurant near our hotel, where we talked, relaxed, and just enjoyed each other's company. A few of us decided to grab some ice cream after dinner for a last minute dessert!

It wasn't really our first day here, but it felt like our first real day on the trip, seeing places, experiencing the island, and playing basketball. Now it's time to rest up and get ready to get a big win tomorrow!

- Raegen Rohn