Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Hornet Club?
All Sacramento State Fans and supporters are encouraged to join the Hornet Club. You do not have to be a former student-athlete or Alumnus of Sacramento State to join the Hornet Club.

Is my contribution to the Hornet Club tax deductible?
Yes, the Internal Revenue Service allows a deduction on contributions where there is no tangible benefit to the donor. If you accept benefits in exchange for your contribution, your deduction may be limited. For example, receipt of priority consideration for the purchase of tickets at an athletic event will reduce your deduction to 80% of the value of your gift.

What is the difference between the Hornet Club and Team Support?
While both methods of giving benefit our student-athletes and sports teams, giving unrestrictedly the to Hornet Club Annual Fund allows for the athletics department to utilize the donations in the best benefit for the athletic department and student-athletes. These funds can be used to offset scholarship costs, facility upgrades, additional department branding and specific student-athlete programming. Supporting your favorite Hornet Sports teams is important too, this funding goes to the individual program's needs, such as foreign trips, sports equipment, and student-athlete meals.

Who do I make my check payable to?
The University Foundation at Sacramento State (U.F.S.S)

If I give to a specific sport, am I a Hornet Club Member?
Yes, all donors to Sacramento State Athletics are Hornet Club Members.