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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Throughout training camp, several Sacramento State players will be featured for quick question and answer sessions. Our latest player is running back Joseph Ajeigbe. The graduate student starred at Norco HS in Southern California before beginning his collegiate career at Duke where he played three seasons and earned his bachelor's degree.

How would you describe your running style and what can fans expect to see from you?
I think I bring a little bit of power to the table but I like to describe myself as a balanced running back with a little speed and a little power. I feel like I have good vision and hopefully I can break some long runs. But if its dirty (3rd-and) 2 or 3 I will get that too.

You played your first three seasons at Duke before deciding to transfer. What attracted you to Sacramento State?
I wanted to get back to California. Being in North Carolina was hard being that far away from home. When I opened my recruiting Sacramento State reached out to me and Coach Sears explained the type of program he was trying to build here. They have almost everything in place but a couple of little pieces and I felt like it was the right fit for me.

You had a fantastic high school career but went to Duke and was a reserve running back and played on special teams. How hard was it to accept that role?
It humbles you. Coming out of high school I was recruited by a good number of schools but then I had to find my role and wasn't in the spotlight like I had been in high school. It made me grow as a person. I had to become a cheerleader from the sideline and it helped me become a better teammate and I think that's big but I'm ready to get back in the spotlight.

What will the challenges be of being in the master's program at Sacramento State and playing football?
The difference between the master's program and being an undergraduate is that the professors aren't on you as much. It's more on you to get what you want out of the program. It's going to require discipline on my part in doing my work and making sure I'm getting everything done.

You've taken a leadership role despite being here a short period of time. Was it hard to establish yourself as a leader on a team where you are one of the newer players?
When I came in one of the first things I wanted to do was build relationships with other players with everybody before I established that vocal leadership role. I wanted them to get to know who I am and show them that I will work hard every play. When you show your teammates that they will begin to respect you. I love my teammates and everyone has welcomed me with open arms and I like that

Get to Know Joseph Ajeigbe

Hometown: Riverside, Calif.
High School: Buchanan HS
Favorite Professional Teams: Los Angeles Dodgers
If You Could Play Another Sport at Sacramento State What Would It Be: Basketball (but I'd have to grow to 6-2)
Favorite NFL Player: Michael Vick
Favorite Food: Anything Bar-B-Que