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The 2019 Collegiate Baseball Classic began Tuesday evening as the Hornets opened the tournament against Japan's Keio University. Despite it being game day, the Hornets still had a full day planned leading up to first pitch. Senior pitcher Nick Tabura is behind today's player blog - follow along with his post below! 

I never thought that in my last year in college I would find myself living in a dorm. Especially a dormitory in British Columbia, Canada, but here I am. The third day of the international tour began with me and my dormmate freshman pitcher Eli Saul (who is local Canadian) going to breakfast before our day in the classroom that was to come. Today was the day that the University of British Columbia's kinesiology department was presenting the different topics of kinesiology that the students and faculty study.

The first presentation of the day was given to us by a Doctoral student of University of British Columbia, Daniel Tausan. In his presentation we learned about V02 max, also known as maximal oxygen uptake. This V02 max is basically a measurement that tells you how much oxygen a person can use while exercising. To give real life presentation of this measurement, they hooked up a baseball player from UBC to some scientific contraption that was spitting out data to Daniel as he explained what these concepts meant to us. Some pretty cool stuff to start this day in the classroom.

Next up on the learning experience, me and the rest of the Hornets walked over to a giant lecture hall and met all the other teams in the tournament to listen to a presentation given by the UBC kinesiology department. The presentation was given by multiple members of the department explaining some of the topics they study at the university. These topics included: integrative physiology, exercise performance in gender, motor skill acquisition, and biomarker data in blood. All very interesting and new topics that UBC takes pride in being at the forefront of programs studying these topics. The presentation was a really cool way for us to see what Canadian students study in kinesiology in comparison to us at Sacramento State. Overall a very cool experience given to us at the University.

Next was the event we all had been waiting for, our first game of the tournament against the Japanese team, Keio University! The gameday began with the playing of both our national anthems, followed by a gift exchange. That was a very unique and very cool experience, exchanging gifts before we even threw a single pitch.

The game started with lots of energy from both sides. The dominant theme of the game was very good pitching. The pitchers that Kieo University used were all very good and fascinating to watch. They all have unique pitching deliveries that you do not typically see in the United States accompanied with really good pitches. It was a back and forth pitching match of a game. It was tied 0-0 the entire game and eventually ended in that same tie. The games do not go into extra innings in the pool play portion of the tournament so it unfortauntely ended 0-0. We really wanted to win the game but the rules did not allow for it. That said, one of the best things about baseball is that we get the opportunity to do it again and compete for a win tomorrow!

- Nick Tabura

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