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Sacramento State baseball's trip to Vancouver continued Monday with the first day of practice before the tournament begins tomorrow, Tuesday, August 13. Hear from catcher Dawsen Bacho about the team's first full day in British Columbia!

Canada Blog Monday August 12 - Dawsen Bacho

Our first full day in Canada started off waking up in the dorms bright and early for 7:30 a.m. breakfast. After breakfast, a handful of the team made a trip to a local coffee spot that all of the Canadians on the team have been hyping up ever since they stepped foot onto Sac State's campus. Sophomore outfielder Dylan Ohlsen, who is from Abbotsford not too far from where we are now, made some recommendations for us and he did not let us down.

Next, we had a quick lunch before our first practice on Canadian soil. We walked to UBC's field as a team at noon and were able to watch the end of Keio Baseball's practice. We all enjoyed watching Keio practice because it showed our team that baseball in Japan is played with great passion and they have a lot of fun while playing as well. Once Keio Baseball was done, we were able to get our work in for about an hour. It was nice to finally get on the field and get ready for the week to come. 

After practice, we had a couple hours to rest before we went to dinner with the other teams and the President of UBC. Our dinner was held in a house on UBC's campus that was right on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

At dinner we continued to get to know and make connections with players on the other teams. For example, at dinner, junior pitcher Stone Churby was talking to a player from Keio Baseball on how they grip their pitches and gave each other their perspectives on how they pitch. Even though they do not speak the same language it was fascinating to see how they connected through baseball. We are looking forward to making more connections and turning them into friendships as the week goes on.

Tomorrow we play our first game against Keio baseball at 6:30 p.m. We are excited to get this thing rolling, Go Hornets!

- Dawsen Bacho

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