Sacramento State Sports Medicine Medical Policies and Athletic Training Room Procedures

The Sacramento State Sports Medicine staff consists of team physicians, certified athletic trainers, and athletic training students. These individuals are responsible for the management and care of injuries incurred by student-athletes during their participation in intercollegiate athletics. The three on campus athletic training rooms in operation include: the Broad Field House Athletic Training Room located at the north end of the Spanos Athletic Complex, the Yosemite Hall Athletic Training Room located in YSM193 and the South Gym Athletic Training Room located in YSM 109. It is in the best interest of the student-athlete to be familiar with the Sports Medicine staff and follow their instructions regarding injury or illness.

The following are specific medical policies and procedures that apply to all Sacramento State student-athletes:

Pre-Participation Physical Examination
1. All student-athletes must have completed a pre-participation physical evaluation prior to their participation in any officially sanctioned Sacramento State team practices, events, or conditioning sessions.

2. First year or transfer student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics at Sacramento State are required to complete and pass a physical examination performed at the Student Health Center or with a Sacramento State team physician. This examination will entail a thorough medical history questionnaire including a description of all significant injuries sustained prior to enrolling at Sacramento State.

3. The student-athlete will complete an interval athletic participation physical with the Sports Medicine staff for each subsequent year of participation in Sacramento State intercollegiate athletics. Any injuries, surgeries, or serious illnesses sustained during the previous year will be re-evaluated at this time. The student-athlete must be given medical clearance by a certified athletic trainer or team physician prior to participation.

Medical Expenses
1. Injury or illnesses unrelated to intercollegiate athletic participation are the financial responsibility of the student-athlete.

2. Medical expenses incurred by a student- athlete are paid by the primary medical insurance carrier (parent/personal insurance) and then the university insurance. The university insurance will only serve as a secondary coverage when an injury has been determined to be the result of participation in a coach supervised athletic practice or intercollegiate athletic competition.

3. Appointments with physicians, dentists, or health care professionals other than those at the Student Health Center will be set-up through the team physician or certified athletic trainer. If the student-athlete’s personal insurance carrier is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), he/she will be required to seek treatment from his or her designated primary care provider. Except in the case of an emergency, approval for payment of medical expenses must be obtained from the certified athletic trainer before such expenses are acquired.


Athletic Training Room Procedures
Practice Policies for Injured or Ill Athletes
1. Report to all scheduled practice sessions. Do not miss a practice because of an injury or illness unless personally excused by the certified athletic trainer and head coach.

2. Report all injuries and illnesses that occur during practice or competition to an athletic trainer as soon as possible.

3. Everyone will dress in appropriate practice attire unless excused beforehand by the head coach and certified athletic trainer. A student-athlete that is injured to the extent that he/she is unable to dress in practice gear or is only available for limited practice activities is still required to report to all practices on time and in the attire suggested by the certified athletic trainer.

4. A student-athlete involved in an automobile accident will be held out of practice or competition until cleared by his/her primary care physician. Team physicians will not be involved with an injury associated with an automobile accident. The decision to return to activity is a risk assumed by the student- athlete.

Injury Treatment Policies
1. Injured student-athletes must report to the athletic training room for therapeutic treatment daily.

2. No therapeutic treatment for an injury or illness will be administered during scheduled practice time without special permission. A student-athlete in need of treatment prior to a practice session must report to the athletic training room no less than 90 minutes prior to the scheduled practice time or make special arrangements with an athletic trainer.

3. Thestudent-athletemustallowanadequateamountoftimetoreceive treatment. Care is provided on a first come, first serve basis. He/she will be expected to receive as many treatments per day as ordered by the athletic trainer. Failure to complete the prescribed treatment will be reported to the head coach for appropriate discipline, if necessary. It will be assumed that the student-athlete is fully recovered and able to return to activity, or that he/she no longer desires to participate if he/she should choose to discontinue the designated treatment plan.

4. Thestudent-athleteisonlyreturnedtounlimitedparticipationstatusuponthe approval of the team physician or certified athletic trainer.

Athletic Training Room Rules
1.  No SHOES, bags, uniforms, or other clothing is to be brought into the athletic training room.

2. Always sign in and patiently wait your turn.

3. NO self-treatment is allowed. All tapings, bandages, etc., will be applied by the athletic trainers.

4. Equipment or supplies from the athletic training room are not to be used or removed without permission of the athletic trainer.

5. No horseplay, improper language, or unnecessary confusion at any time.

6. No food or drink allowed in the athletic training facility.

7. Cell phones are not allowed in the athletic training room. Use of the telephone is prohibited. It is a NCAA violation.

8. No sleeping or lounging on the treatment tables in the athletic training room.

9. Please be respectful of others at all times.

10. It is your responsibility to see to it that you are rested, well hydrated and eating properly.    TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Additional Policies

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