Strength & Conditioning

Sacremento State Athletics Speed, Strenght & Conditioning Philosophy

The Sacramento State Athletics Speed, Strength and Conditioning Program has the following goals:
1. To be the best mentally prepared team each game. This includes a great emphasis on competing under adversity.

2. To be the best physically prepared team each game. It takes no talent to be in great condition.

3. Emphasis is on ground based exercises: applying maximum amount of force through the ground as fast as
possible to move quicker, run faster, jump higher, be stronger, be more explosive.

4. Decrease the chance of injury.

5. Prepare for contest by matching workout tempo to pace of a game.

6. To be winners on and off the field or court as a team and individually.

HOW do we get there? 3 HOWS
1. HOW TO. Proper technique. "Form and Safety First!" "One Rep at a Time." "The Perfect Rep."

2. HOW FAST. Speed after great technique. You'll never hear a coach say his student-athlete is TOO FAST, TOO

3. HOW MUCH. Load. Frequency. Time. Weight. Reps. Distance. Work-Rest Ratio.

Flexibility: Moving the body thru a full range of motion.
a. Dynamic Movement Warm Up

b. Prehab Exercises: Emphasis on Neck, Shoulders, Back, Hamstrings, Knees, Ankles

c. Static Stretches

d. PNF Stretches

e. Band Stretches

Movement: SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness) and Explosion
a. Linear

b. Lateral

c. Multi Plane

d. COD: Change of Direction

e. Programmable

f. Reactive

g. Unilateral

h. Bilateral
Strength: Focus Areas
a. Midsection/ Core

b. Neck/ Traps

c. Hips/ Legs

d. Torso: Shoulders/ Back/ Chest

e. Arms/ Grip
***Major emphasis on the posterior chain: rear deltoids, traps, lats, low back, glutes, hamstring***
Major Power and Strength Exercises
The Conjugate Method:
Use of special exercises other that the basic Bench, Squat, and Deadlift to prevent the stalling of the athlete's progress.
The majority of equipment used is Olympic Free Weights, Dumbbells, Bands and Med Balls.

Triple Extension Exercises Lower Body Exercises Upper Body Exercises

Med Ball Exercises Parallel Box Squat Bench Press
Olympic Pulling Variations Deadlift Incline Press
Romanian Deadlifts DB Press
Reverse Back Extension Back Rows
Seated Good Mornings Pull Ups
Glute Ham Calf Raises Dips

Nutrition/ Recovery

a. Individual meal plans & meetings

b. Meal plans turned in to a strength coach 1-7 days a week

c. Hydration

d. Weekly and daily discussions about food & liquid intake.

e. Stretching, foam rolling, active rest and hydration to quicken recovery.

f. Alcohol, drugs and NCAA Banned Substance List discussions.

Becoming a Champion and winning Championships is a 52 week commitment.
THERE IS NO "OFF-SEASON." We always strive to get better.