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Strength & Conditioning

One of the biggest benefits to the Broad Fieldhouse is the nearly 6,000-foot weight room. The state-of-the-art facility features enough room for up to 50 student-athletes to train simultaneously and is three times larger than the previous location.

Completed in May of 2008, the weight room has 10 Olympic platforms, a large dumbbell area, and numerous machine weights to help strengthen student-athletes. The facility also has equipment used for rehabilitation purposes. The weight room is also air conditioned and features a high performance sound system.

The strength and conditioning program has the following goals: To be the best physically prepared team each game; To be the best mentally prepared team each game; Prepare for each contest by matching workout tempo to pace of a game, sometimes at no-huddle pace; Emphasis is on ground based exercises: applying maximum amount of force through the ground as fast as possible to move quicker, run faster, jump higher, be stronger, be more explosive; Decrease the chance of injury; To learn to compete under adversity; To be winners on and off the field as a team and individually.