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Strength & Conditioning

Equipment List

Power Lift Equipment
5 9-Foot Combo Power Rack (10 Oak Platforms and 10 Racks with Pull Up Bars)
10 Patented "Lever Action" Adjustable Benches
10 Sets Oak Technique Boxes (Sets equal pair of 3, 5, and 7 inch boxes)
10 Pair Combo Power Rack Band Attachments
5 Dip Attachments
6 Dumbbell Adjustable Benches
2 Rotating Glute Ham Benches
2 Reverse Back Extensions
2 Free Standing High Pulley/ Lat Pull Machines
2 Free Standing Low Pulley/ Seated Row Machines
1 Dual Stack Pulley Functional Trainer

10,000 lbs of Free Weights includes:
Iron Grip IGX Urethane Olympic Plates
Uesaka Olympic Bumper Plates
2 Sets of Iron Grip Dumbbells from 5 lbs to 150 lbs
Kettlebells from 20lbs to 50 lbs
10 7-Foot Olympic Power Bars
10 7-Foot Uesaka 20 Kg Olympic Training Bars
5 Safety Squat Bars
1 Olympic Hex Bar

Hammer Strength Machines
2 4-Way Neck
1 Wide Pulldown
1 High Row
1 Low Row
1 Leg Press
1 Leg Curl
1 Leg Extension

Massage & Recovery Tools
40 12-Inch Round Foam Rollers
100-plus Assorted Tennis, Golf and Baseballs for Massage
100-plus Assorted Resistance Rubber Bands

Additional Supplemental Equipment includes:
5 Prowler Push & Pull Sleds
10 Turfboards
25 lb to 50 lb Power Sand Bags
10 lb to 30 lb Slammer Balls
12 lb to 15 lb Medicine Balls
45 cm to 65 cm Stability Balls
20 Sparq Weight Vests
Weight & Dip Belts
14 Reebok Core Boards
Single and Double Agility Ladders
100-plus Assorted Speed & Agilty Cones and Disks
Jump Ropes
4 Schwinn Air Dyne Bikes
1 Lifefitness Elliptical
1 Lifefitness Treadmill

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